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SiC Wafer Reclaim

SiC Wafer Reclaim

SiC Wafer Reclaim

PAM-XIAMEN is able to offer the following SiC reclaim wafer services.

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SiC Reclaim Wafer & Processing

PAM-XIAMEN is able to offer the following SiC reclaim wafer services.

SiC Reclaim Wafer:

PAM-XIAMEN is able through is proprietry reclaim processes to offer a SiC reclaim wafer services to LED, RF or Power device manufacturers.Able to remove EPI, EPI GaN or device layers,and then polish the surface,till to an Epi ready state,which our customers can epi them again, to reduce the cost.We even can gurantee surface roughness <0.3nm as customer required.Each wafer is by CMP or lapped or etched to remove patterns, scratches and other defects. The result is a clean, high-quality wafer that is ready for polishing and cleaning. At the conclusion of the reclaim process, to verify the finished wafers fully comply with customer standards and specifications, we will do a final quality inspection before packaging.We put the reclaimed wafers into containers. The containers are double-bagged and labeled. As a final step, we provide a Certificate of Conformance and/or Analysis Certificate, as required, to verify product quality.

Below is AFM image after CMP as an example:

SiC Surface Preparation: PAM-XIAMEN has developed using it’s long experience in silicon carbide wafer cleaning a process,which is able to deliver clean low metallic contamination on new SiC substrates.

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