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CZT Detector

CZT Detector

CZT Detector

PAM-XIAMEN provides CZT based detectors by solid-state detector technology for x-ray or gamma-ray,which has better energy resolution compared with scintillation crystal based detector, including CZT Planar Detector,CZT Pixilated Detector,CZT Co-Planar Gri

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CZT Detector

1.1CZT Planar Detector



+200 V~ +500 V

Energy range

20 KeV ~ 200 KeV

Operating temperature range 

-20 ~ 40

Sizemm 3   



Energy resolution @59.5 KeV

Counter grade 



Discriminator grade 

7% ~ 15% 

8% ~ 15%

Spectrometer grade 




Other sizes can also be available

Standard 5×5×2mm 3 CZT assembly

Standard 10×10×2mm 3 CZT assembly

1.2CZT Pixilated Detector



SPECTγ Camera

 X-ray imaging

Operating temperature range

-20 ~ 40

Typical energy resolution 

6.5%@59.5 KeV


Count rate


2M cps/pixel

Typical matrix

Area array detector: 8×8

Area array detector: 8×8

Linear array detector: 1×16

Linear array detector: 1×16

The maximum dimensions of crystal 

40×40×5 mm 3


Other electrode pattern can also be available

Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly

Standard 8×8 pixel CZT detector assembly

1.3CZT Co-Planar Grid Detectors


HV: +1000 V ~ +3000V

Energy range: 50 KeV ~ 3 MeV

Operating temperature range:-20℃ ~ 40℃

Typical energy resolution:<4%@662 KeV

Peak-to-Compton ratio: 3 ~ 5

Standard size(mm 3 ): 10×10×5, 10×10×10

1.4CZT Hemispherical Detector

HV: +200 V ~ +1000 V      Operating temperature range:-20℃ ~ 40℃

Energy range: 50 KeV ~ 3 MeV      Typical energy resolution:<3%@662 KeV

Standard size(mm 3 ) :4×4×2, 5×5×2.5, 10×10×5

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Subject : CZT Detector

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