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GaN based LED Epitaxial Wafer

GaN based LED Epitaxial Wafer

GaN based LED Epitaxial Wafer

PAM-XIAMEN's GaN(gallium nitride)-based LED epitaxial wafer is for ultra high brightness blue and green light emitting diodes (LED) and laser diodes (LD) application.

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GaN(gallium nitride) based LED Epitaxial Wafer

As LED wafer manufacturer,we offer LED wafer for LED and laser diodes (LD) application,such as For micro LED or ultra thin wafer or UV LED researches or LED manufacturers.it is by MOCVD with PSS or flat sapphire for LCD back light, mobile,electronic or UV(ultraviolet), with blue or green or red emission,including InGaN/GaN active area and AlGaN layers with GaN well/AlGaN barrier for different chip sizes.

GaN on Al2O3-2” epi wafer Specification(LED Epitaxial wafer)

UV LED:    365nm,405nm

White 445460 nm

Blue  465475 nm                                               

Green 510530 nm                                                 

1. Growth Technique - MOCVD

2.Wafer diameter: 50.8mm

3.Wafer substrate material: Patterned Sapphire Substrate(Al2O3)

4.Wafer pattern size: 3X2X1.5μm

5.Wafer structure:

Structure layers






InGaN/GaN(active area)




u- GaN


Al2O3 (Substrate)


6.Wafer parameters to make chips:



Chip Size





10mil x 23mil


Vf = 2.8~3.4V

LCD backlight

Po = 18~25mW

Mobile appliances

Wd  = 450~460nm

Consumer electronic



45mil x 45mil

Vf = 2.8~3.4V

General lighting

Po = 250~300mW

LCD backlight

Wd = 450~460nm

Outdoor display

*If you need to know more detail information of Blue LED Chip, please contact with our sales departments

7.Application of LED epitaixal wafer:


LCD back light

Mobile appliances

Consumer electronic

PAM-XIAMEN's GaN-based epitaxial wafers(Epi Wafer) is for ultra high brightness blue and green light emitting diodes (LED)

GaAs(Gallium arsenide)based LED Wafer:

Regarding GaAs LED wafer, they are grown by MOCVD,see below wavelength of GaAs LED wafer:

Red: 585nm,615nm,620630nm  

Yellow: 587 ~ 592nm        

Yellow/Green: 568 ~ 573

For these detail GaAs LED wafer specs,please visit:GaAs Epi Wafer for LED

*Laser Structure on 2 inch GaN (0001) substrate or sapphire substrate is available.

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