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  • PAM-XIAMEN Offers AlGaInAs epitaxial wafer for Laser diode


    Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co.,Ltd., a leading supplier of Laser diode epitaxial structure and other related products and services announced the new availability of size 3”  is on mass production in 2017. This new product represents a natural addition to PAM-XIAMEN's product line. Dr. Shaka, said, "We are pleased to offer Laser diode epitaxial structure to our customers including many ...

  • Wafer-scale arrays of epitaxial ferroelectric nanodiscs and nanorings


    Wafer-scale arrays of well-ordered Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 nanodiscs and nanorings were fabricated on the entire area (10 mm × 10 mm) of the SrRuO3 bottom electrode on an SrTiO3 single-crystal substrate using the laser interference lithography (LIL) process combined with pulsed laser deposition. The shape and size of the nanostructures were controlled by the amount of PZT deposited through the patterned ...

  • Non-polar and semi-polar ammonothermal GaN substrates


    In this paper we review the developments of producing non-polar (i.e. m-plane and a-plane) and semi-polar (i.e. (20.1)-plane) wafers by ammonothermal method. The growth method and polishing results are described. We succeeded in producing 26 mm × 26 mm non- and semi-polar wafers. These wafers possess outstanding structural and optical properties, with threading dislocation density of the order of ...

  • GaSb( Gallium Antimonide) wafer


    PAM-XIAMEN grows high quality Gallium Antimonide (GaSb) single crystal ingots. We also round, saw cut, lap and polish GaSb wafers and can supply an epi-ready surface quality. GaSb crystal is a compound formed by 6N pure Ga and Sb element and is grown by Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski ( LEC ) method with EPD < 1000 cm -3 . GaSb crystal has high uniformity of electrical parameters and low defect...

  • Protection of selectively implanted and patterned silicon carbide surfaces with graphite capping layer during post-implantation annealing


    A graphite capping layer has been evaluated to protect the surface of patterned and selectively implanted 4H–SiC epitaxial wafers during post-implantation annealing. AZ-5214E photoresist was spun and baked in vacuum at temperatures ranging from 750 to 850 °C to form a continuous coating on both planar and mesa-etched SiC surfaces with features up to 2 µm in height. Complete conversion of the hydro...

  • Microstructure of InGaN quantum wells grown on GaN single crystals and sapphire


    In the last decade, the III-N compounds have attracted much interest because of their applications in blue, violet and ultraviolet optoelectronics. Most of the devices and research use sapphire as a substrate for epitaxy of nitrides. However, these epi-structures contain a very high dislocation density induced by the 16% lattice mismatch between GaN and sapphire. In our laboratory, we grow single ...

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