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3.Definitions of Silicon Carbide Epitaxy
  • 3-1. Large Point Defects


    Defects which exhibit a clear shape to the unassisted eye and are > 50 microns across. These features include spikes, adherent particles, chips and craters. Large point defects less than 3 mm apart count as one defect.

  • 3-2. Scratches


    Grooves or cuts below the surface plane of the wafer having a length-to-width ratio of greater than 5 to 1. Scratches are speci ed by the number of discrete scratches times the total length in fractional diameter.

  • 3-3. Dimpling


    A texture resembling the surface of a golf ball. Speci ed in % affected area.

  • 3-4. Step Bunching


    Step bunching is visible as a pattern of parallel lines running perpendicular to the major  at. If present, estimate the % of speci ed area affected.

  • 3-5. Backside Cleanliness


    Veri ed by inspecting for a uniform color to the wafer backside. Note there is a darker region near the center of some higher doped wafers. Backside cleanliness speci ed as percent area clean.

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