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Titania–germanium nanocomposite for photo-thermo-electric application


Titania–germanium nanocomposite for photo-thermo-electric application


The introduction of germanium (Ge) into titania (TiO2) creates an attractive semiconductor. The new semiconductor is named titania–germanium (TiO2–Ge). Ge dots are dispersed in the distorted TiO2 matrix of TiO2–Ge. The quantum Bohr radius of Ge is 24.3 nm, and hence the properties of the Ge dot can be varied by tailoring its size if it is smaller than its Bohr radius due to the quantum confinement effect (QCE). Therefore, simply by changing the Ge concentration, the morphology of TiO2–Ge can be varied within a wide range. Consequently, the optical, electronic and thermal properties of TiO2–Ge can be tailored. TiO2–Ge becomes a promising material for the next generation of photovoltaics as well as thermoelectric devices. It could also be used for photo-thermo-electric applications.


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